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Due Dates

Make a Brain
Model due 

Hollywood & Psychology
Summary, Research, and Presentation

Human Development Scrapbook/E-Scrapbook


Sociological Imagination Video Montage
due September 8

Breaking a Norm
Paper due

Illustrating Stages of Adult Development
PowerPoint or Scrapbook due 

Survey Project on Teen Dating
Survey Questions:  due
Taken surveys and compile data: 
Results & Analysis:  due 

Interviewing an Older American
Paper and/or video due

Crime & Deviance Project

Presentation due

World History

Book Report
All four parts due
See Book Report Project entry for assignment & rubric

Historical Fiction Writing Project
All three parts  due December 14, 2016
See Historical Fiction Writing Project entry for assignment & rubric

U.S. History

World War II Battles Presentation 
Presentation, time line, and analysis due

E-Scrapbook or Scrapbook
Due May 31, 2016

Cold War Review Game
Due May 5, 2016