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September 30, 2015

Human Development Scrapbook/E-Scrapbook

In this unit we have been investigating the life cycle of human development.  We will be working with four primary psychological theories to understand how people grow and mature.  The psychologists we will be learning about are Freud, Erikson, Piaget, and Kohlberg. 

For this project you will be making a personal development scrapbook or PowerPoint/Prezi presentation, detailing your own unique development. 


Cover Page  Title, name, period, etc. Decorate this page.  Be creative, use pictures, events, graphics.

Page 1  Table of Contents

Page 2  Your birth. Where were you born? Who are your parents? Your culture? Your brothers and sisters? How are the circumstances of your birth significant to your life? Include pictures if possible.

Pages 3-10  Each stage your life with the following criteria on each page:

1. Research--define the stage you have selected; explaining the major concepts or conflicts within that stage (what the theorists said).  Make sure you are using at least two out of the four theorists.

2. Application—use short stories from three stages of your life that shows the theory at work in your life.  Show me that you understand the theory you are trying to explain and the meaning behind it.  Make sure to add an explanation of how your example connects to the theory, though!

3.  Professional Presentation--pictures of you at each stage would be wonderful, but not necessary.  Find pictures online or in magazines of other cute kids to illustrate your points.

4. Conduct an interviews with a family members. Because you may not know all the circumstances and stories of your childhood, be sure to conduct interviews in a timely manner.  This project will be tough to do at the last minute for this reason.


Cover Page & Table of Contents
Title, name, decorative, colorful, creative, pictures/graphics
Title, name, decorative, somewhat colorful, somewhat creative, pictures/graphics
Missing title or name, somewhat decorative, somewhat colorful, creative, few pictures/graphics
Missing title or name, lacks decoration, lacks color, few or no pictures/graphics
Page 2
Detailed account of birth including place and circumstances
Somewhat detailed account of birth including place and circumstances
Account of birth lacks details including place and circumstances
Few details regarding birth including place and circumstances
Detailed explanations of major concepts and conflicts according to theorists; extensive research demonstrated
Somewhat detailed explanations of major concepts and conflicts according to theorists; could be more complete with more research
Explanations are not detailed; lack of research demonstrated
Few details, explanations incomplete; understanding of theories not demonstrated
Short stories connect your life to theory
Short stories somewhat connect your life to theory
Short story connects your life to theory in a way that shows little understanding
Short stories incomplete and/or do not connect to theory
Professional Presentation
Angwinesque, publishable
Somewhat attractive layout, pictures/graphics support mission
Layout needs more thought
Messy, sloppy, little planning is demonstrated

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