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Handouts for World History

Ancient Greece

Reading Questions 5.1

Reading Questions 5.2

Reading Questions 5.3

Reading Questions 5.4

Graphic Novel Strip Directions & Rubric

Plague in Athens

Crash Course: The Persians & the Greeks


Oedipus Video Questions

Periodization Directions

Periodization Greece

Study Guide 5.1 & 5.2

Study Guide 5.3 & 5.4

Ancient Rome

Reading Questions 6.1

Reading Questions 6.2

Reading Questions 6.3

Reading Questions 6.4

Roman Numerals

History Channel: The Great Empire Rome Episode 1

PBS Romans in the First Century

Julius Caesar on History.com

Zenobia Biography

Zenobia Questions

Augustus Caesar Biography

Augustus Caesar Questions

Christianity Magazine Cover & Story

Christianity Time Line

Extent of Christianity Map Directions

Jesus and the Rise of Christianity

Crash Course Roman Republic or Roman Empire?

Crash Course Fall of Rome

Women in Ancient Rome


Dining with Attila

Attila Biography Questions

Study Guide 6.1 & 6.2

Study Guide 6.3 & 6.4


Reading Questions 11.1


Chronological Order

Byzantine Icon Project

Study Guide

Middle Ages

13.1 Reading Questions

Germanic Tribes Unite Charts

Clothilde Biography

Medieval Hygiene Practices

Create an Illumination

13.2 Reading Questions

First Knight

13.3 Reading Questions

Rules of Love

Chivalric Poetry

14.1 Reading Questions

Crusades Volume 1

Crusades Volume 2

Postcards from the Crusades

Book of Eleanor

14.3 Reading Questions

Lion in Winter

Magna Carta Skit

14.4 Reading Questions

Clash of Civilizations Beginnings of the Crusades

Ancient Warriors Knights of the Templar

Crusades Crash Course


Viking Foot Soldiers

The Damsel Questions

The Damsel Essay Assignment & Rubric

Fantastic Armor of the Middle Ages

Seven Knightly Virtues

Black Death Health Brochure

Study Guide 14.3 & 14.4


17.1 Reading Questions

Web Quest

Renaissance Art Exhibit


17.3 Reading Questions

Elizabeth I Crossword Puzzle

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