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Course Overview & Expectations
Psychology is designed to give upperclassmen an overview to the study of psychology with various areas of emphasis and to gain a better understanding of people.  It is aimed at meeting the needs of juniors and seniors who plan to further their education.  Students will be required to develop critical reading and thinking skills.  They will be expected to draw conclusions by applying the textbook knowledge and enrichment activities to personal experiences.  Students will be expected to work together and to take an active role in their education.  They will work collaboratively on a major project dealing with their interpersonal relationships or a major topic of the course in which they are enrolled.

Student Expectations

Students will come to class prepared with their text, notebook, writing utensils, and completed assignments. Students must behave in such a way that is conducive to a classroom, a learning environment. All students' rights to an education must be observed. Students must respect school property and the property of others.

Make-up work is the responsibility of the absent student. Students must see me before class, after class, or during break for their missing assignments. Test and quizzes must be made up during my prep if the student is available or before or after school. Quizzes not made up one week after the absence will be recorded as a zero.
Late Work

If work is not passed in on the due date, students will have only one additional day to pass in the work for credit. The late work will only receive a maximum of 80%.  Work passed in after the late day will receive a maximum of 60%. 

Extra Assignments

Extra assignments will be offered throughout the semester to help students master the competencies.

Projects & Quizzes      40%
Written Work               30%
Final                              20%



In order to earn credit for Psychology one must earn at least 70% and be able to demonstrate consistently the following competencies:

Course Core Competencies

Comprehension: Students will recall, identify, and explain significant events, contributions, and contributors throughout psychology.

Analysis:  Students will use comprehended facts and skills to analyze the relationship between cause and effect.

Evaluation:  Students will demonstrate the ability to identify, articulate, and assess significant outcomes within their context.

Research:   Students will demonstrate the ability to gather, analyze, and properly cite information from various sources in order to develop a hypothesis and defend it through a thesis.

Application:  Students will use acquired knowledge and skills to establish relevant connections to the present.


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